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The main aim of the Public Complaints Commission is to promote social justice for the individual citizen without which there can hardly be genuine peace and stability in Nigeria.  It was established to provide viable options for Nigerians or anyone resident in Nigeria, seeking redress against administrative injustice arising from bureaucratic errors, omissions or abuse by official of governments or limited liability companies in Nigeria.  It is also to improve public administration in general by pointing out weaknesses observed in the laws, procedures, practices, rules, regulations and standards of behaviours of officials.

  • To investigate and resolve complaints against Federal, States and Local Governments, Public Corporations and the Private Sector Organizations.
  • To provide informal, dependable and freely accessible service to members of the public.
  • To promote the treatment of members of the public with courtesy, compassion and honesty;
  • To educate members of the public on the services of the Office of the Ombudsman (Public Complaints Commission);
  • To offer guidance to members of the public whose complaints are outside the jurisdiction of the Commission;
  • To promote an effective public service that is responsive to the needs of the citizenry.


  • To investigate and conduct research in MDA’s, private companies and officials of these bodies.

  • To investigate administrative procedures of any court of law in Nigeria.

  • To report crimes in the course or after investigation.

  • To report any erring officer for disciplinary action.

  • To interpret policies of government and advice government and companies.

  • To make public reports after investigations.

  • To have access to all information.

  • To make recommendations especially after pro-active investigation.



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